Friendship Bracelet Pattern: the Candy Stripe

I don't think there are people who wouldn't associate friendship with sweets. That is why we start our trip through different and amazing Friendship Bracelets patterns with the Candy Stripe pattern, an average difficulty pattern for creating a friendship bracelet. So, if you are just starting your trip in the amazing world of friendship bracelets, it would be best if you choose an easier one (however, with a bit of extra care, you would do great with the Candy Stripe pattern, too!). Here's how to do it:

1. Prepare for your friendship bracelet as instructed in the post "How to Make a Friendship Bracelet?"
2. Get three different colors of Embroidery floss and begin!

3. First, cut 3 strands of each floss (about 3 feet each part)
4. Attach the floss as instructed in the "How to Better Hold the Friendship Bracelet" post.
5. Start with the floss string to the left and do a half hitch knot with the floss next to it (bring the floss over strand 2, put it and drag it behind strand 2, then drag it back in front of strand 1). Continue doing so with strand 3, 4 and so on. Upon completion, the strand you started with will be the foremost right piece of floss!
6. Start all over again, with the next foremost left strand. Repeat the same knot until the strand becomes the foremost right one, then continue with all pieces of floss.
7. Soon, it will all begin to get a shape and look genuinely like a Candy Striped Firendship Bracelet, similar to the one you can admire in the image that comes with this article.

Friendship Bracelets-Info

If you finished making your friendship bracelet and are satisfied with the result, I have some color combination suggestions for you to try:

1. Spring-pattern: 3 light green strands, 3 yellow ones, 3 light pink ones
2. Deep waters: 3 dark blue, 3 light gray, 3 dark green
3. Valentine's day: 2 white, 2 red, 2 white, 2 pink
4. Halloween pattern: 3 dark orange, 3 dark gray, 3 pale yellow

But, in the end, you can choose your own colors: the happier, the better!